Sixty8 Provisional Co.

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Founded in 2013 in Chicago by Joe Caccavella Jr. & Robb Jibson, Sixty8 Provisional Co. is the result of two Chicago-based professionals from similar yet different background wanting to provide a line of affordable and high-quality products. Sixty8 takes the role of a “collaboration company,” in which they work to create with and promote masters of other crafts along with the Sixty8 Provisional mindset to create the highest grade product for our customers.

Robb Jibson, owner of So Midwest Inc. Lighting and Production Company, walked into Joe’s Barbershop one day to have third-generation barber Joe Caccavella Jr. give him a haircut. After a few haircuts the guys became friends and learned they had similar interests in everything from motorcycles to music to the way companies should be focused and run. A few drinks later and Sixty8 Provisional Company was created.